Sorpresas de pascua del COVID-19

Después de varios meses sin inspiración, cansado y ocupado en otros temas, decidí volver a escribir un texto que no fuera sobre deportes. Personalmente lo consideré como un reto, ya que me he sentido un poco oxidado y carente de ideas, pero platicando con mi amigo Chévez, decidí intentarlo nuevamente, más que todo por la... Continue Reading →

Nuestra tarea como ciudadanos

Este tipo de situaciones nos obligan a abrir los ojos ante los posibles escenarios que tendremos si determinadas figuras llegan al poder en estas elecciones. Antes de ir a votar este domingo, les recomiendo que mediten bien su voto. Analicen, investiguen y definan los pros y contras de cada candidato.

Dark tourism – child trafficking.

Regardless if we want it or not, becoming aware of the atrocities that occur constantly, is not only unavoidable in the age of information but essential to developing our character, and it'll be defined by how we respond to this brutal clash with the real world. Recently I got a painful reminder about something I... Continue Reading →

New age farm in the old colonial city.

Founded almost half a millennium ago (1524), Santiago de los Caballeros of Guatemala was the first capital city prior the Santa Marta earthquake in 1773, before this, it was considered one of the most beautiful cities of the Spanish empire, two centuries and fifty-something years later, still preserves the colonial looks from that era, now... Continue Reading →

Caffeinated Red-Cherry!

In the second level, exactly above Siento8-Ecologia, there's one of the three venues of RojoCerezo, located in zona 1, 10, and zone 4 of Guatemala City,  these cafe bistros offer a huge appreciation, wisdom, and general knowledge for this particular bean, promoting the culture for its appreciation with fair prices on the proper ways of... Continue Reading →

Running through a work of art.

The cultural center and national theater Miguel Angel Asturias was built over the remains of the San Jose castle, destroyed by the revolutionary artillery in June of 1944, successfully overthrowing the 13-year military dictatorship of Jorge Ubico, an un-democratic rule praised directly by the German chancellor at the time Adolf Hitler. Initially the project for... Continue Reading →

Through the crystals.

With almost 200 years since the first ''photography'' was ever taken in 1827, the development of this new form of capturing the world had been done only through painting, this new technology evolved from rudimentary techniques (daguerreotype) to the modern film process that didn't change over a hundred years to ''recently'' advanced into the digital... Continue Reading →

The tenacity of a Raven.

Hard work, dedication, and perseverance are basic elements forgotten when it comes to being successful and efficient. This resilience makes the difference between a mediocre result from a professional outcome, this requires hours of practice, many errors, and constant struggle. Cristian Cardona: ''Nobody is perfect but we strive for it''   In the search to... Continue Reading →

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