Awaking the senses at SOMA.

Alongside the reference of the drug in the famous book of Aldous Huxley “Brave new world” the dose taken of SOMA this past saturday 8, made my senses experience an extraordinary night, filled with booze, friends and music to please the soul.

After finally getting a parking space close to a new theater named casa celeste in zone 1, the guy who looks out for your car in the streets, charges a fee of Q10  ($1.25) which is the cheapest of the area and located to a sort of a safe zone, since it’s being rebuilt by new businesses such as that theater, dannys pancakes and a new bar named “la llorona” (mythological creature of Guatemala) just half a block away from there.

My destination that night was to attend the live performance of Yerimkala and Humus fuga at SOMA, two bands of exceptional talent and united only on the main gender of rock but alternatively executed on their divergent styles.

Enchanted with the fact that SOMA a place with remarkable style, imposing prices for beer (Q95 or $14 for 5 beers) stunning music taste and a maximum capacity of 130, into which i’ve been personally crushed by sweaty jumping enthusiastic people was getting close to its uttermost capability for the show, made me smirk nervously knowing i had to go in at some point.


Would the reason be they where charging Q35  ($5 approx) for the entry plus a beer?

Well, right after stepping into SOMA, had to struggle a bit to pass through the occupied tables and standing audience to approach the counter and ask for the beer that came with the entrance while facing a psychedelic Bob Dylan painted against the wall, Yerimkala was already on stage and getting ready to perform.


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With an astonishing entrance with their peculiar style of rock voice, funk drums, jazz bass and blues guitars, they began to perform in a way to give a ride to the mind with their rithm, harmonious bits and unadvertised lyrics, while performing their new album a song got my attention since the name of it was “la tira” (Slang for “the police”) made me think of it as a perfect background music for an epic car chase in an action movie.

The night went on while the audience fiercely applauded and hollered after each song, encouraging more headbanging and jumping in groups of total strangers, the heat kept rising until the thirst became an issue again, had to head into the counter while dodging peoples dancing, by the time that finally managed to ask for another beer and get back, Humus fuga was already on stage and getting ready to perform.

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Slicing a short pause of silence with their music, the atmosphere on the place was like throwing a match into a pile wood and gasoline, delighted by their fiery entry the crowd went wild with their movements, so energised that a random hand almost made me spill my beer, twice.

The progressive style of Humus Fuga is perfect to enhance the concepts of a focused mind with each masterful beat of the drums, expertise slapping of the bass and talented psychedelic guitar, a band that without vocals has become one of my personal favorites for their transgressive approach.

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Humus fuga

Una publicación compartida por Andres R. Chevez (@riverach) el

After the show was over the audience praised the band members for their performance and to which I can gladly say that gives me hope for the future of rock in this corner of the world named Guatemala.





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