See you on the other SOMA.

Alongside the reference of the drug in the famous book of Aldous Huxley “Brave new world” the dose I took at SOMA on a Saturday night in July of 2017, made my senses experience an extraordinary night, filled with booze, friends, and live music to please the soul.

After finally getting a parking place in front of the venue, the usual guy who looks out for your car in the streets charges a fee of Q25 ($3.25 approx) which is was the regular price, now just a memory. the simple reminder of arriving always made me smirk and hope to still get one of the posters they usually gave.

But my destination that night was to attend the live performance of Yerimkala and Humus fuga at SOMA, two bands of exceptional talent, and united only on the main gender of rock but alternatively executed on their divergent styles.

Enchanted with the fact that SOMA always had remarkable style, fair prices for beer and booze, stunning music selection, special candy (if you knew who to request it from) and great diversity on their agenda, It was common to be crushed by sweaty jumping enthusiastic people or also enjoy walking by peacefully in one of the many art galleries expositions on the basement.


For now, stepping into SOMA and struggling against the crowd to pass through the occupied tables and standing audience to approach the counter and ask for the beer, will be a memory that hopefully will reborn one day, because it’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later according to their owners, and hopefully will face again the psychedelic Bob Dylan painted against the wall, maybe in another time and a different space, but always with the same spirit and great music taste.


The hope remains to enter again the green door and experience SOMA again on their splendor.

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Writer, manager, networker, cook, bard, entrepreneur, daydreamer and night thinker.

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