Kite Festival (Barrilete) – 2017



This past November 10 and 11, the largest, newest, and most unorthodox festival took place in the only location within Guatemala city where you can go surfing and drinking at the same time, located in Cardales of Cayala, AKUA offered a different perspective of what we call a music festival.


Combining indie, ska, pop, funk, house, rap, hip-hop, jazz, blues, fusion, soul, instrumental, electronic, progressive, hard rock and soft rock, the kite festival gave the occasion for these new bands to perform for a rather small but enthusiastic public, despite being their second year, it has a narrow but latent opportunity to grow into a bast movement.


The smoke machines and the scenario lights followed their programmed twirls and fumes exhaustion for Oricalkos that just ended their set, the crowd was riddled with many of the artists that played that night and the one before, I share a couple of cigarette talks with many of them in our way to the bar.


We all got surprised by the unexpectedly fair prices for booze, since it’s not common for the area to sell beer at about $2.00 (Q15.00 approx.) and cocktails for about $5.50 (Q40.00), thanking God that the amphitheater allowed everyone to smoke without complaints, the stage was positioned right next to the wave rider that operated only when vastagos magna played.


My only complaint? That one bar next to Akua which played extremely loud reggaeton music, I shared this with my friend and former manager of Yerimkala, after a few beers while watching other bands perform, I started to wonder why this festival was not properly crowded or at least well promoted. 23471928_1640232999362142_2460043159034077591_n

People in Guatemala are generally not interested in an artist if they’re not widely popular, regardless of how good their performance may be. Music is usually a very mainstream deal sometimes, so I encourage people to put more effort in finding music that moves their soul, to become a rogue in a sense where you choose according to your personal criteria and seek for what you truly enjoy hearing, not regarding the opinion of the masses, because sometimes the “m” on that word is silent.

23471953_1640233719362070_3102536168240663423_nIn my opinion is to give new music a chance, since the best music I’ve ever heard has been while randomly surfing the web, attending random concerts or asking friends for it, so take a chance to listen my top rated songs of each band that performed at the festival.

  1. Filoxera – Bossa Trix (Indi / pop) Spanish / English

  2. Oricalkos – Colision (Progressive rock) No vocals

  3. Tijuana Love – Tuesday Morning  (fusion / house) Spanish / English

  4. Vastagos Magna – Sin colgar los nikes (Rap / Hip Hop) Spanish 

  5. Hot Sugar Mama – No babosa  (Ska / Rock) Spanish / English

  6. Cameo Drive – Reach Me (Indie / blues) English

  7. Dinosaur 88 – GIANTS (electronic / synth pop) No vocals

  8. De la rut – sonrisa laser (jazz – funk – soul) Spanish

  9. Yerimkala – full album (hard rock / fusion) Spanish / English / Portuguese 

  10. Los tiros – video set (wester surf / rock) No vocals

  11. FOZZ – Amor implacable (synth / garage rock) Spanish

  12. Casa de kello – Tu mundo (indi / rock) Spanish

  13. El sargento pimienta – Seguire (Rock & Roll) Spanish

  14. Half tangerine – Idiotic (pop / new age) English



Hopefully one of them will give you a frisson or at least cheer you up, but also one of best experiences of visiting any city is discovering their local bands. If you’d like a trusty guide here in GTM City, feel free to contact us so we can point you into the right and safest direction.


Extra song and game on the link below (it’s on spanish)

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