An instant classic.

Located in zone 10, the beating heart of Guatemala City´s constant, vivid and exciting night life, there´s a brilliant place that combines the character of the UK´s wide range of culture and the Guatemalan treatment.


This beautiful piece of the United Kingdoms culture recently opened its doors to offer an alternative space to find peace of mind in the hustling Guatemalan environment, providing their clients a fusion of the old school and new age features that a pub can offer, from their music taste, diverse beverages, exotic food, eccentric art, live entertainment and frontal smoking patio, the Red Lion Pub´s diverse, inclusive and tolerant environment is no place for loud, disruptive or discriminative minds.

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The choice on their music taste varies from the international grounds to the local scene that implies great style, profundity of taste and a low key party hard spirit, going through the genders of power ballads, progressive, instrumental, reggae, ska, country, folk, jazz, indie, blues, funk, R&B, disco, classic pop and old school rock, the mood for an amazing time is always present.


England is not well known for their food, but I personally dare anyone to try their distinctive dishes that carry their great personality, taste and flavor from their own lands and from some they conquer, an experience that will definitely make you go back for the worth to try a piece of their culinary treasures ounce again.


Their non spicy Hindu type of curry with spices, tika masala, chicken and vegetables or their middle spice Tai curry with coconut milk, anise with chicken, vegetables and bell pepper is to die for, or if you want an original taste try their irish stew that is made with dark beer and wine, I promise it will make ask for seconds, their pulled pork burger is something else on its own as well for their sausage sandwich with roasted tomatoes and classic english sausage, one of my personal favorites is the shepherds pie with mince meat, mashed potatoes, carrot, beans, melted cheese and gravy, it´s simple perfection and a great way to make a solid base to keep drinking and aliviate the hangover for the next day.

Western options like a quarter pound burger with fries, nachos with beans, home made chilly, pico de gallo, avocado/guacamole, ranch and yellow cheese or chicken wings are available as well.


With an embracing mentality for the contemporary work of local artists, Red Lion pub´s exhibits the paintings of Braulio Piñeiro, images filled with abstract expressionism, surrealism, cubism and pop art, these portrayals represent feelings, profound concepts and the soul of the subversive reallity in which we all live, as well live performances in music, stand-up comedy and open mic’s are lived weekly.

From my personal criteria, wich finds its base on old school style and the modern millenial mind, I recomend anyone who wishes to spend true quality time enjoying what this instant classic pub has to offer.



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