The tastiest capital sin.


From the derivative “gluttiere”, which is the Latin definition for excessively filling the guts, Gula is not only the sin but a venue located in zone 4 of Guatemala City, the most artistic and hipsterish area of the capital.



Not exactly the place where you should take someone who actually cares about calories, worries for gluten-free products or doesn’t enjoy wickedness.


The Gula restaurant is located in an area well known for their support and acceptance for the regional or international artist and their work; Constant live music events, new age gallery exposures and their richness on culinary alternatives, should make the zone 4 a mandatory place to visit when you’re in Guatemala City.


After recently celebrating three years in business with growth in size, Gula has shown with their creations that even in a place where clients are usually picky, it’s fine and dandy to enjoy their massive dishes and famous burgers without worrying for not looking fashionable or being morally responsible according to vegans, Gula along other venues have demonstrated their flavor and passion transferred into their meals, infusing their mastery on making the best out of their kitchen, baffling anyone with the aroma, texture, and flavor.



Known for their burgers and spirit drinks, their meals honor the name by their lovely size, delicious balance in flavor and delicate but yet strong seasoning makes this an experience that makes most people have a hard time to finish it all, forcing to commit the capital sin itself, but for the pure pleasure of it.


It’s worth to mention their choice of music and drinks, which provides diversity in beats, brands and types of beer, with a selection of growing national breweries like principe gris, cerveza pantera and cerveza antigua, other options are available as well with their spiritual drinks like Mezcal, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, Campari, wine and my personal favorite, their sublime Gin & tonic, because after three or fours of those, it’ll be enough to find and feel your soul.


If you think their menu its not diverse, try to ask for the hidden one instead and if you’re into sweets, make sure to ask for their dessert which you won’t find no place else,  filled with surprises and a bright future up ahead, Gula it’s definitely my favorite place to commit my second favorite capital sin.


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