In loving memory – Chiribisc-ART

In the middle ground between the constant nightlife of zone 10 and the exclusive zone 14 of the capital city in Guatemala, there was a place called Chiribisco bar, it existed from summer of 2012 to this summer 2019, and it was way more than just a place to have “some drinks”, located near a police station which gave the illusion of safety, this place made anyone feel welcome.

”tolerance and respect, always”
-Ale R.


The charming man (yes that’s him ↑) who owned the place and his hand-picked crew mastered the concept of rough love to treat us customers, not exactly what most people would expect, unless it came from that brutally honest friend, the one who doesn’t completely likes you but still fully respects you, the type with whom you could get party hardy vibes and have all the beers and cocktails to drink and hopefully withstand, but if you don’t, they made a real effort to take care of you, like a real friend would, unless your behavior made them change their mind, because they did kick a few out for a good reason, but otherwise, they actually cared for total strangers.

11209383_921057091249666_7245550699045060370_n_LI (2).jpg

(not me but I got close.)

A bar that had a clear and short set of rules, no guns, no racism, no homophobia, no violence, and to be tolerant and respectful always, this made the environment at Chiribisco 99% of the time peaceful, the only divisions it had were the two sections the venue offered, and both possessed their own particular charm, right after crossing the main and only entrance, the counter at the entrance with some stools, drawn tables, paintings on the glass and sometimes an improv scenario.


Walking through the glass door inside out their smoking patio gave you the perfect view to appreciate the sunset, and also watch the unlucky folks stuck in traffic, it was the perfect time between 5:30 and 7:00 to be the first customers an order the first round of liters (two liters for $12.00 USD approx, equal to 6 beers), the perfect spot if you were going to let the evil thirst kick in high gear, with a grand diversity on the playlists, the environment was ideal for a great time.


These inclusive and tourist-friendly grounds were perfect to stay away from the unwanted mainstream reggaeton or pop culture music for a while, or at least for the whole night, Chiribisco stood as one of the few venues were local artists went regularly to chill, hang around and perform amazing shows, bands like the Killer tomato, Cameo Drive or Humus Fuga. lightened some of the nights in the 7 years it existed, always supporting the local talent.

chiribisco 1.1.jpg

From the moment you entered into this expressive local, the rhythms, painting on the walls, windows, chairs, and tables conveyed their enthusiasm into anyone wishful to participate and leave a mark on their walls.


Hopefully, others will follow the example left by Ale’s Chiribisco, to be respectfully raw, and brutally honest, set your boundaries and express respect and tolerance, in my most honest opinion, this inadvertently gives the most transparent and purest form of Guatemalan treatment, an exclusive feature that belongs only for those who stay honest to themselves.



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