Hidden at plain sight.

When you search for music outside the mainstream media, it’s rather difficult to find something worthy or at least interesting, I personally despise most of what appears in the mainstream media culture, because I’m kind of a hipster, I also find it hard to ignore the scary fact that the constant bombardment of paid headlines is frightenedly accurate with the conversation you had a couple of hours ago.

Well, it’s not big news that our smart devices record a lot of what we see, hear, say, write, schedule, send and receive, this is why some of the “recommendations” on adds are scarily assertive.

Not to forget that the algorithms in most social media web pages are the base of their economic success, the other and most effective way around to help new artists, without investing money directly, is to share their work on your social media; Especially if you like what you hear, see or read.

The best way to deal with big brothers lousy recommendations is to search differently, to help you start, here are some links to pages with this particular perception, those who look out for a different, independent and underground point of view, they have a common goal and defy the norm by documenting, posting and sharing the work of emerging artists.

Sofar-Sounds mission is to document live​ ​events​ ​through​ ​curated,​ ​secret​ ​performances​ ​in​ ​intimate​ ​settings in​ ​more​ ​than​ ​350​ ​cities​ ​around​ ​the​ ​world.



Esquisses is a web page dedicated to journalism directed to diffuse, promote and analyze the artistic and cultural movement in Guatemala.


equis esquissses

Sesiones Sandia is the new media that’s making a change by giving the opportunity to artists by creating and sharing their work in a professionally filmed format.


sesionsa sandiaDesde el estudio idea is to share with fellow musicians that come and go, their songs, the conversations and what is happening in this sacred space, dedicated to art.

youtube: (only)

desde el estudio.png


These web entities, are the basics to look out for those independent from the mainstream ”managing” industry system, in a way it’s our fault the big corporative media rarely recommends something independent since we never demand it; But if you ever wondered why it never comes up, it’s not because of a lack of production.

Check the links out and hear for yourself!

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