In loving memory of Bocanada

Address: Ruta 1 3-35, Zona 4 (Waze)

This artisans club knows knew about fidelity to sound by playing great classics and recent hits on vinyl, a few months after celebrated their first year in business on December 7th, closed its doors but this amazing space gave breathers for many intrepid entrepreneurs, active artists, and thirsty trolls to enjoy in harmony the unique flavors of their beverages and to experience the moment where a lot of these rare individuals feel free to be themselves.

20181204_210649 (2).jpg

Such a shame to loose this amazing space. 


Live music events used to be part of their nature since their beginning and their supportiveness led to an interesting and diverse number of events from music to poetry and multiple social conferences, between its walls you could would have enjoyed live performances from bands like Hot Sugar Mama, Voodoo Magic, and solo artists like Franc Castillejos in English and Malbuzee, Wacha or Matea Santa on Spanish amongst many others.




Always holding a special place to my heart, Bocanada was certainly one of my favorite places to delight my soul with a nice variety of local and international breweries like  EL ZAPOTEXAMAN, SAPIENS, PANTERA, GÜIN, and occasionally try Guinness, ROGUE, GOOSE, BROOKLYN or even the beer from a Metal Band called METAL REQUIEM.


Their menu resembled the loving service of a small café with a huge heart, options like the forever classic bar nachos were available on small or large portions and their hamburger alternatives deserved all the attention, love, and appreciation; they also had the option for a sweet waffle dessert which helps after a few drinks.


Bocanada had a perfect habitat where you can easily enjoy your evening or night without disturbance, probably because the range on diversity in the subjects that attended was properly adjusted to be equal to the genders in the album in which this site was inspired. 


Gustavo Cerati – Bocanada

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