The tenacity of a Raven.

Hard work, dedication, and perseverance are basic elements forgotten when it comes to being successful and efficient. This resilience makes the difference between a mediocre result from a professional outcome, it requires hours of practice, many errors, and constant struggle.


Cristian Cardona: ”Nobody is perfect but we strive for it”

In the search to solve the problems he constantly encountered as a musician, Cristian Cardona made the intrepid decision to learn how to repair, later restore, and most recently make guitars himself, the same way he learned how to play them, his relentless work will lead him to become the frontman for Metal Requiem (the band he long admired) and to perform as the opener group for Metallica in Guatemala (2016).


His workshop began on a little table in his bedroom, this initial phase took four years of constant learning the theory from different masters (and the internet), deciding to apply his knowledge with his equipment first, and after successfully doing so, the request from other musicians didn’t take long, working for free at first to get experience, his work became trust worthy and shortly after his know-how was confirmed, the charges began from maintenance of the electronic parts, paint jobs, fixing severe damage to the guitars body to fully restore the instrument.

The motivation of Cristian to make guitars came from a customer who wanted an original Vorona Customs guitar (but none existed at the time), so to unmotivate this client, he made an elevated counter-proposal to scare this untrusted offer away but for his surprise it was accepted, so the work began and the result is this.

Saggitarius:49342941_1143719242455764_7006584440084234240_n (2)
Body: Alder/Tiger Maple 5A
Neck: Mahogany/Tiger maple Fretboard
Jumbo Stewmac Stainless steel frets
EMG James Hetfield set PA2 Booster
German Original Gold Floyd Rose System
Gold 2×4 Tuners
Urethane Ultra Gloss Finish
MOP Binding
27″ scale
17″ radius fretboard
Raven 12 fret inlay

Sometimes I want to bother Cristian because he uses eyeliner.49181202_1145344405626581_1089463740765569024_n.jpg

But then I remember he’s the frontman of a legendary metal band that opened for Metallica and has their own beer.

metal requien beer.jpg

The metal requiem beer is a seasonal venture, hopefully it’ll grow outside from their fans and band members that purchase full batches just as they’re made for their personal consumption (sometimes sold at Bocanada).

If you’re interested to see more of Cristian’s work or want to order a handmade guitar from him, check his page on Facebook: Vorona Raven Customs

Or if you want to hear Metal Requiem, go to their youtube channel:

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