Through the crystals.

With almost 200 years since the first ”photography” was ever taken in 1827, the development of this new form of capturing the world had been done only through painting, this new technology evolved from rudimentary techniques (daguerreotype) to the modern film process that didn’t change over a hundred years to ”recently” advanced into the digital era.

Some things haven’t changed since then, and this can be reflected in the lens, they have only got more complex, dynamic, and sophisticated, as well for the body equipment technology, and gadgets, this progression has open new possibilities on how to perform and what to deliver.

Never the less, this does not assure the best quality on the results of a picture, this depends lastly on the knowledge, capability, and criteria of the photographer, other factors as their imagination, adaptability, and perspective, define their style.

These six representatives from Guatemala, are those who dedicate themselves to capture the world within their perception of their ocular gloves, camera, and objective:

– Mono del Espacio:

– Franchezka Ambrocio:
franchezca pp
Portraits, closeup, and fashion.

– Pauli Catalan (Machete616):
Landscapes, momentum, and perspective.

– Rachel RG:
Events and portraits

– Kevin Galicia:
Captura de pantalla 5 (1).png
Landscapes, traveling, foodie, cars, and culture.

– Mapi Godoy:
Abstractism (♥)

It took Alfred Stieglitz 50 years of his work to make photography an accepted form of art, helping new photographers and promoting other artists in the process, he impulsed the avant-garde (advance guard)  from Europe to America, his work made a difference in history and the life of millions, the opportunity to make the difference now is just a gentle push of our fingers to share and change the odds.

”Remember, it costs nothing to encourage an artist, and the potential benefits are staggering, a pat on the back of an artist could one day result in your favorite film, or the cartoon you loved watching, or the song that saves your life.”

-Kevin P. Smith

In this case, a picture that makes you remember those special moments in your life.

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