Caffeinated Red-Cherry!

In the second level, exactly above Siento8-Ecologia, there’s one of the three venues of RojoCerezo, located in zona 1, 10, and zone 4 of Guatemala City,  these cafe bistros offer a huge appreciation, wisdom, and general knowledge for this particular bean, promoting the culture for its appreciation with fair prices on the proper ways of serving it.


Their variety is according to the season and it’s specially handpicked by actual baristas, check their Instagram account for new options on their ever-evolving menu, or choose one of their special blends at their stores to fit your favorite characteristics, they’ll guide the proper way of filtering your coffee according to your choice, so it may vary from a Hario V60, beehouse, espresso, French press, or if you choose a cold brew.


This sacred precinct dedicated to the appreciation of caffeine, its where I go to enjoy my favorite replacement drug, their cold brew Nitro drink, made with a delicious heavy coffee blend, this brown gold is specially mixed with hydrogen, giving this beverage a similar taste to beer, just buy it early because it’s usually depleted after lunch. 


Offering a kind treatment, pro coffee advice, and accessible prices for high-quality coffee makes RojoCerezo one of the best alternatives to big coffee industry businesses, opened from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm.






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