New age farm in the old colonial city.

Founded almost half a millennium ago (1524), Santiago de los Caballeros of Guatemala was the first capital city prior the Santa Marta earthquake in 1773, before this, it was considered one of the most beautiful cities of the Spanish empire, two centuries and fifty-something years later, still preserves the colonial looks from that era, now growing even more on global popularity, Antigua Guatemala as we know it now, has become a window to the past for international and local tourist to enjoy the view with all the commodities of the 21’s century, except for pavement.


With approximately three hectares (or a bit over seven American Football fields) of terrain, Caoba Farms is located at the south skirts of Antigua Guatemala, easy to find on google maps or Waze, it was founded in 2004, they open Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm regularly, but each Thursday night, they light the candles and prepare the evening with live music, a movie projection, and all the services of the bar and restaurant.

caoba19.jpgTheir vision is to contribute through self-sustainability with the environment, setting an example by doing organic farming, responsible and respectful care of livestock, botanical sales, creating a store for eco-friendly products and artisanal foods, organizing a farmers market each Saturday, and a flee market the first Sunday of each month, all of this while programming continuous activities that you can follow on their web page.


You can choose between taking yoga, zumba, or breakdance classes, a permaculture course, visit their butterfly garden, or the carnivorous plants, take one of their multiple exotic tours for an awesome culinary experience, or if you’re out of cash, exchange three hours of work for some organic lettuce as payment.


With a pet-friendly policy among all the good things Caoba Farms already has to offer, you can be sure to find live music quite often, by hiring troubadours, soloists, duets, and trios (not threesomes) for entertainment, they set the mood to relax and connect with nature, hopefully more businesses will follow their amazing example, because understanding the importance of being environmentally responsible is crucial if we wish to leave a decent future for the next generations.



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