En el abejorock del mall!

Contrario a lo usual, es muy extraño encontrar algo substancial en materia artística dentro de un centro comercial, pero el shopping mall de Arkadia es sin duda la excepción que provoca la regla. Localizado en los bordes entre zona 10 y 15, el Abejorro es un espacio diseñado para disfrutar del arte como para hacer... Continue Reading →

In loving memory – Chiribisc-ART

In the middle ground between the constant nightlife of zone 10 and the exclusive zone 14 of the capital city in Guatemala, there was a place called Chiribisco bar, it existed from summer of 2012 to this summer 2019, and it was way more than just a place to have "some drinks", located near a police... Continue Reading →

The tastiest capital sin.

  From the derivative "gluttiere", which is the Latin definition for excessively filling the guts, Gula is not only the sin but a venue located in zone 4 of Guatemala City, the most artistic and hipsterish area of the capital.   Not exactly the place where you should take someone who actually cares about calories,... Continue Reading →

An instant classic.

Located in zone 10, the beating heart of Guatemala City´s constant, vivid and exciting night life, there´s a brilliant place that combines the character of the UK´s wide range of culture and the Guatemalan treatment. This beautiful piece of the United Kingdoms culture recently opened its doors to offer an alternative space to find peace... Continue Reading →

Awaking the senses at SOMA.

Alongside the reference of the drug in the famous book of Aldous Huxley "Brave new world" the dose taken of SOMA this past saturday 8, made my senses experience an extraordinary night, filled with booze, friends and music to please the soul. After finally getting a parking space close to a new theater named casa... Continue Reading →

Not hopscotch, it’s RAYUELA.

Not every day you find a compact bohemian cafe, bar and bistro located in the historical zone 1, of the Guatemalan capital city; but i'm glad to have found this place where you can unplug from the outside reality for a while and enjoy for a brief period of time the unwinding of problems in... Continue Reading →

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