Y así fue como paré en la Conga

El fin de semana pasado era una fecha especial para mí. Pablo Luque, un DJ español de techno, residente de Club4, un famoso club de Barcelona, venía a Guatemala a una fiesta de lanzamiento del nuevo concepto de Radio Saturn, una radio a la que le tengo mucho aprecio por ser de uno de mis... Continue Reading →

TREZ – Zaki

El pasado 19 de Agosto se presento #TREZ de Zaki uno de los discos más esperados de la escena Hip-Hop en Guatemala. La presentación contó con artistas de la escena nacional como también de El Salvador. Omne fue quien con su fuerza y animo condujo el show y presento junto a Oneime, en lo personal no había tenido el... Continue Reading →

The future Sounds

This past July 29th it was a night to dance the night away with the mysterious future sounds of Tenebris, a crew that brought an special guests to a party worth remembering. Recently there has been a growing culture for party animals and electronic music dancers that can withstand to party hardy until six am... Continue Reading →

See you on the other SOMA.

Alongside the reference of the drug in the famous book of Aldous Huxley "Brave new world" the dose I took at SOMA on a Saturday night in July of 2017, made my senses experience an extraordinary night, filled with booze, friends, and live music to please the soul. After finally getting a parking place in... Continue Reading →

Un obsequio rítmico desapercibido.

Trágicamente esto pasa a menudo en la escena artística Guatemalteca. Tal vez sea por la falta de cultura o interés de sus habitantes, la apatía regular de los mismos hacia el artista nacional o que prefieran honestamente el perreo intenso, pero este pasado miércoles 5 de julio, fue una noche que irrumpió con algo totalmente... Continue Reading →

A parade to change perceptions.

Since my car battery got stolen a few weeks ago, I've been hitchhiking myself into events, parties and this time into the first LGBTI parade on Guatemala, since I got way early than expected, a quick stop to "La Shai Wa" was necessary to smooth the evening. After choosing some mood lifting music in the... Continue Reading →

Entrepreneuring along nature.

When the objective is to become successful, the ways to roam are usually uncertain but usually growing a business takes a lot of resources that are not only human or economical but natural. Changing that Siento 8 Ecologia local breaks the mold by supporting artisans, manufacturers and entrepreneuring souls with their ideal of a clean and sustainable... Continue Reading →

Not hopscotch, it’s RAYUELA.

Not every day you find a compact bohemian cafe, bar and bistro located in the historical zone 1, of the Guatemalan capital city; but i'm glad to have found this place where you can unplug from the outside reality for a while and enjoy for a brief period of time the unwinding of problems in... Continue Reading →

The raving artisan – Nativo Urbamboo

  The meeting began after a short laugh we had about how bad I'm to do an ollie (simplest trick on a skateboard),  Carlos Maldonado, AKA "modelin" and I started talking about the constant struggle in working freelance to do personal projects and the level of alienation he needs in order to achieve his final product... Continue Reading →

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