A parade to change perceptions.

Since my car battery got stolen a few weeks ago, I’ve been hitchhiking myself into events, parties and this time into the first LGBTI parade on Guatemala, since I got way early than expected, a quick stop to “La Shai Wa” was necessary to smooth the evening. After choosing some mood lifting music in theContinue reading “A parade to change perceptions.”

The raving artisan – Nativo Urbamboo

  The meeting began after a short laugh we had about how bad I’m to do an ollie (simplest trick on a skateboard), ¬†Carlos Maldonado, AKA “modelin” and I started talking about the constant struggle in working freelance to do¬†personal projects and the level of alienation he needs in order to achieve his final productContinue reading “The raving artisan – Nativo Urbamboo”